Coffee Cups

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The Coffee Cups are our signature product and come in a range of various styles, themes and colours. We source the cups and use a wide range of patterned fabric, silk ribbons with trimmings that compliment the cups.


Every cup has its own design to make it stand out from other products, we design and craft our cups with great care and proffessionalism. We also make Coffee cups for various events such as weddings and mothers day.

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Picture Frames

The frames for our pictures are sourced by ourselves. To create these individual pictures we use selected fabrics, lace and motif's. A range of these are either hand stitched or crocheted. 

 £4.50 each
 £4.95 each

Cup Cakes

We source the cup cases, using mostly fabrics and silk trimming to produce our beautiful designs. 

Each one is made with care and has its own unique design so not two are exactly the same giving a larger range of choice.

£4.50 each


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Our bunting products are cut by hand. The fabrics, ribbons and thread we use are chosen carefully to create a pleasing effect.


 We use a wide choice of establishments from buttons, beads and felt shapes to complete them. 

From £3.95

Decorative Mobiles

Our hanging ornaments are individually made by hand. Each one is cut, coloured and threaded to compliment each other.


These are made from a wide range of fabrics such as coloured felt, ribbons and beads. These look attractive in any room throughout the house.  

Small £1.50
Medium £2.95
Large £4.95


Watchout for our christmas collection coming soon

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